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Ground Mount
Before offering a bespoke solution, Jaysis engineers will extensively examine the site of your ground mount solar system installation. We’ll come up with a high-quality solution that meets your needs while also adhering to safety and regulatory regulations.
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For a business, obtaining renewable energy achieves the combined goals of significant electricity savings and making significant progress toward 100% renewable energy procurement. Open access solar power is a popular power generation option that allows businesses like yours to fulfil all of their electricity needs at lower prices than the current grid electricity rates, with tariff certainty for the next 20-25 years.

Ground-Mount Solar Service

We simplified solar energy at Jaysis to make it more accessible to businesses and industries like yours that want to reduce their energy usage while lowering their carbon footprint. Depending on the practicality and availability of the installation site, our tailored onsite solar installations might be rooftop or ground mount solar systems.

We provide comprehensive onsite solar solutions, from design to installation and maintenance, so you can concentrate on your primary business. All we need is access to your undeveloped land, and we'll take care of the rest.