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For a business, obtaining renewable energy achieves the combined goals of significant electricity savings and making significant progress toward 100% renewable energy procurement. Open access solar power is a popular power generation option that allows businesses like yours to fulfil all of their electricity needs at lower prices than the current grid electricity rates, with tariff certainty for the next 20-25 years.

Jaysis Solar Farms

The solar panel carport, unlike a ground-mounted plant, does not require separate, dedicated land, but rather makes use of an existing area and increases its value.

Solar carports are elevated, similar to ground mount installations, to accommodate a vehicle - two wheelers, four wheelers, or even buses and lorries.

Aside from generating power, a solar carport also provides shade for the automobiles parked beneath it.


Substantial savings on electricity costs.

Meeting compliance requirement towards green building certification.

Moving one step closer to your sustainability goals.

Visible environmental consciousness, as solar carports are more visible to visitors and employees than a rooftop system