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Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO)
If you’re thinking about installing a RESCO solar power system in your home or business, we’ll explain why it’s the best option.


Step One:

Unlike a solar EPC or capex model, in which the customer owns the system and makes an upfront investment, the RESCO model is a zero-investment model, in which the customer simply pays for the electricity generated and the solar plant is held by the RESCO developer. You may relax and enjoy the generated electricity without having to worry about the accompanying operations and maintenance difficulties. In exchange, you must pay a pre-determined monthly tariff that is lower than the current grid electricity tariff.

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Step Two:

As previously stated, Jaysis, as the RESCO developer, assumes full ownership and responsibility for the system's operations and maintenance for the remainder of its existence. We will appoint qualified experts to ensure that the RESCO model solar power system functions smoothly and efficiently, increasing the plant's performance.



Step Three:

Both the Central and State Government agencies give liberal and favourable laws for RESCO solar developers in order to fulfil their goal of 40GW of rooftop solar by 2022. RESCO model developers can get up to a 70% subsidy for RESCO projects on government buildings in a few special categories in some states. Despite the rise in demand, there are still some dangers associated with constructing a solar power plant. As a result, end users are unwilling to make a significant investment and opt for the CAPEX model. RESCO models, such as those given by Jaysis, put their doubts and concerns to rest. Furthermore, the RESCO model is preferred by major energy consumers, whether industrial, commercial, or institutional, due to the attractive pricing.



Step Four:

With its RESCO model projects, Jaysis offers a remote mentoring system that ensures real-time energy data analytics. You'll be able to see your load and energy consumption patterns, and Jaysis will be able to operate the plant more efficiently and respond more promptly and effectively as a result.