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OPEX Model (Build-Own-Operate)

Our pay-as-you-go green energy solutions allow businesses to pay for solar energy at a lower cost than grid tariffs – up to 20-40% less. The user makes no investment, incurs no capex, and bears no risk associated with the plant's performance. This equates to significant cost reductions for businesses without exposing them to risk. For the full 25-year life of the system, our staff will be in charge of all operations and maintenance. All you have to do now is sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and relax while reaping the rewards.


We applied this OPEX approach to our 0private solar farms business in 2019. We now have a big network of private farms across India's key states that allow Open Access power procurement, through which we provide clean energy to large corporations. Apart from solar farms, Jaysis has built wind farms and wind-solar hybrid farms in various Indian states, allowing for Open Access electricity acquisition. Our renewable farms include a variety of power procurement arrangements, ranging from zero upfront investment (OPEX MODEL), through little investment (Group Captive), and all the way up to 100 percent ownership (as a Captive unit). Additionally, depending on the type of power procurement plan, you may be eligible for tax and financial incentives in addition to energy savings. Read / click on - Third Party Open Access, Group Captive, and Captive Model for more information. Our innovative solutions help businesses to achieve their RE100 goals while saving money, as the power is 20-40% cheaper than grid power.