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How do I determine the best solar panel system for my roof type?

Solar panels are a common choice for many homeowners as the need for renewable energy sources grows. It can be difficult to select the optimum solar panel system for your roof type. There are a number of things to take into account, such as the size of your roof, how much sunlight it receives, and your energy requirements. With an emphasis on solar panels from India and solar panel companies, we will discuss how to choose the finest solar panel system for your type of roof in this blog post. We’ll also emphasize Jaysis, one of India’s top manufacturers of solar panels.

Orientation and Type of Roof

The type and direction of your roof should be taken into consideration when choosing the finest solar panel system for your house. The quantity of sunshine your roof receives during the day depends on its orientation. The direction that maximizes the amount of sunshine that solar panels get is south. East and west facing rooftops can still be useful, albeit they might get a little less light. Roofs that face north receive relatively little direct sunshine, hence they are not advised.

Another key factor is the type of roof you have. Almost every type of roof, including flat, sloped, and even curved roofs, may support solar panels for installation. But, the roof’s angle must also be considered. For instance, a steeply sloping roof could need a different mounting system than one that is flat. In addition, you might need to strengthen your roof before adding solar panels if it is constructed of a fragile material like slate or tile.

Needs for Energy

Your home’s energy requirements come next when choosing the ideal solar panel system. The size of the solar panel system you require will depend on how much energy you use daily and on a monthly basis. KWH stands for kilowatt-hours (kWh). Your monthly electricity bill contains this information.

You can estimate the size of the solar panel system you require after you are aware of your energy requirements. A solar panel system that can produce between 3kW and 5kW of electricity is needed for the average Indian home. You could require a larger system if you live in a larger house or use more energy than the typical family.

Solar Panel Types

The type of solar panels you select is crucial as well. Solar panels can be classified as either monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film. The most effective and costly solar panels are monocrystalline. They are renowned for their great efficiency and extended durability and are constructed from a single silicon crystal. Solar panels made of polycrystalline are less expensive and slightly less efficient than those made of monocrystalline. These are a good option for individuals on a limited budget and are constructed from numerous silicon crystals. The least costly and efficient solar panels are thin-film ones. They are a suitable choice for curved surfaces since they are flexible and built from a thin layer of semiconductor material.

Top Indian Solar Panel Manufacturer, Jaysis

There are various options available when selecting a solar panel provider in India. But, Jaysis is one business that sticks out. Leading solar panel manufacturer in India, Jaysis provides a variety of solar panels and related goods. They are renowned for providing exceptional customer service and high-quality goods.

Jaysis provides a range of solar panel systems that are created to satisfy the requirements of various clients. They provide thin-film solar panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels in a range of sizes. Also, they provide full solar panel systems with all the components required to produce electricity from the sun.

In addition to selling solar panels, Jaysis is an Indian firm that is dedicated to giving its clients first-rate support and customer care. Any inquiries you may have regarding solar energy may be answered by their team of specialists, who can also assist you in making a thoughtful choice.

To guarantee that your solar panel system is installed correctly and safely, Jaysis also provides installation services. A large number of solar panel systems in India have been installed by their team of skilled professionals. Your solar panel system is fitted to the highest standards thanks to the use of premium components and cutting-edge machinery.

Because they place a high priority on quality and dependability, Jaysis is one of the top solar panel manufacturers in India. To make sure that their solar panels are strong and long-lasting, they only employ the best materials and parts. They also put their products through rigorous testing to make sure they adhere to the highest quality and safety standards set by the world.

In addition, Jaysis is dedicated to sustainability and lowering its carbon footprint. They have incorporated a number of ecologically friendly techniques into their business operations and are members of the Indian Green Building Council. They power their own workplaces and factories with solar energy, and they recycle as much rubbish as they can.


It can be difficult to choose the perfect solar panel system for your roof type, but with the right knowledge and assistance, it can be a simple procedure. It is crucial to take into account your energy requirements, the sort of solar panels you wish to utilize, and the type and orientation of your roof. Also, it’s critical to select a reputable and trustworthy solar panel supplier from India, like Jaysis, to guarantee that you receive high-quality goods and first-rate customer support.

In conclusion, Jaysis is a fantastic choice to take into account if you’re thinking about constructing a solar panel system in India. They provide free consultations, installation services, and a variety of solar panels and related equipment. They are a top option for both homeowners and companies because to their dedication to quality, dependability, and sustainability.

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