How do I calculate the energy efficiency over time for my solar panel system? - Jaysis Green Energy & Infra How do I calculate the energy efficiency over time for my solar panel system? - Jaysis Green Energy & Infra
How do I calculate the energy efficiency over time for my solar panel system?

Solar panels are more and more common in homes and businesses as the world turns to sustainable energy sources. Solar panel businesses have popped up all over the world, offering a wide variety of solar panel products and services, in response to the rising demand for solar panels. There are numerous businesses that manufacture solar panels in India, but Jaysis is one that stands out. With an emphasis on Jaysis as a dependable solar panel provider in India, we will concentrate on how to calculate the energy efficiency over time for your solar panel system in this blog post.

Energy Efficiency: What Is It?

Let’s first define energy efficiency so that we can better understand how to calculate it for your solar panel system. When a system is said to be energy efficient, it means that its energy output is greater than its energy input. Energy efficiency in the context of solar panels refers to how much energy is produced by the system in relation to how much sunlight the panels receive.

How to Determine Energy Efficiency

You will need to gather some data regarding your solar panels and the amount of sunshine they receive in order to assess the energy efficiency of your solar panel system. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Establish the solar panels’ wattage

Your solar panels’ wattage describes how much power they are capable of producing. Typically, you may find this information on the back of your solar panel or in the manufacturer’s given product paperwork. For instance, under perfect circumstances, a solar panel with a wattage of 250 watts may provide 250 watts of power.

Step 2: Calculate How Much Sunlight Your Solar Panels Get

Depending on the time of day, the season, and the location of your solar panels, the amount of sunshine that your solar panels receive can change. Use a solar irradiance calculator to calculate the amount of sunlight your solar panels receive. You can estimate how much sunlight your solar panels will receive at a given location and time using a solar irradiance calculator.

Step 3: Determine How Much Electricity Your Solar Panel System Produces

You must apply the following calculation to determine the amount of energy your solar panel system produces:

Energy Produced = Wattage x Sunshine Hours x Efficiency

The effectiveness factor considers how well the solar panel converts sunlight into electricity. For instance, if the efficiency of your solar panel is 20%, you would perform the computation shown below:

250 watts multiplied by 4 hours of sunlight multiplied by 0.20 equals 200 watt-hours of energy.

This indicates that on a sunny day, your solar panel system can produce 200 watt-hours of energy.

Step 4: Evaluate the Solar Panel System’s Energy Efficiency

You must apply the following calculation to determine your solar panel system’s energy efficiency:

Energy generated / total sunlight hours equals energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency would be, for instance, as follows if your solar panel system produced 200 watt-hours of electricity over 4 hours of sunlight:

Energy Efficiency is equal to 200 watt-hours divided by 4 hours, or 50 watt-hours per hour.

This indicates that your solar panel system has a 50 watt-hour per hour energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Increasing With Time

After determining how energy-efficient your solar panel system is, you might want to think about future improvements. Here are a few advices:

Maintain Your Solar Panels Clean: When dust and other particles collect on your solar panels, their effectiveness will decline. Your solar panels’ energy efficiency can be increased by routine cleaning.

Install a solar tracker: A solar tracker is a gadget that tracks the sun’s movement and automatically adjusts the position of your solar panels. Your panels’ daily exposure to sunshine may be increased as a result, improving their energy efficiency.

Invest in High-Efficiency Solar Panels: Compared to conventional solar panels, high-efficiency solar panels are made to convert more sunshine into power. The energy efficiency of your solar panel system can be increased over time by making an investment in high-efficiency solar panels.

Monitor Your Energy Usage: By keeping an eye on your energy use, you can find areas where you can use less energy. Your solar panel system’s energy efficiency will increase over time if you cut back on your energy use, which will also lessen the quantity of electricity it needs to create.

Frequent Maintenance: Maintaining your solar panel system on a regular basis will help to guarantee that it is running as efficiently as possible. This entails inspecting your solar panels for any damage or wear and tear and making any required repairs or replacements.

Why Use Jaysis as Your Indian Solar Panel Company?

There are numerous options available when selecting a solar panel provider in India. Yet Jaysis stands out as a solid and dependable alternative. Choose Jaysis as your solar panel provider for the following reasons:

Items of High Quality: Jaysis sells solar panels of the finest quality, built to resist the severe Indian climate. To guarantee that they satisfy the highest requirements of reliability and quality, their solar panels are examined and certified.

Knowledge: Jaysis offers a team of specialists with extensive knowledge of designing, setting up, and maintaining solar panel systems. They can help you increase the energy efficiency of your system and give you professional advise on the ideal solar panel system for your requirements.

Customer service: Jaysis is dedicated to giving its customers top-notch customer service. In order to make sure that their customers are happy with their solar panel system, they provide individualized service and support.

Competitive Pricing: Jaysis provides solar panel goods and services at competitive prices. They work hard to offer their customers reasonable solutions since they are aware that purchasing solar panels may be an expensive investment.


To maximize the advantages of solar energy, it is crucial to calculate the energy efficiency of your solar panel installation. You can assess the energy efficiency of your solar panel system and find ways to make it more efficient over time by following the instructions provided in this blog post. You can assist ensure that your solar panel system is installed and maintained to the highest levels of quality and dependability by selecting a reputable and trustworthy solar panel business like Jaysis. You may take advantage of solar energy’s many advantages, including financial savings and less environmental impact, with the proper solar panel system and support.

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